Bird Houses

Bird Houses
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Bat House
North States Brand. This bat house can hold up to 25 bats. Advantage: Each bat can consume approx 10..
Bluebird House
The Green Solutions bluebird house - maintenance free and made of recycled materials. The poly lumbe..
Bo Eleven Plus Gourd Bird House
Bo Eleven Plus is a Multi-Use Gourd for Purple Martins, Blue Birds, & Tree Swallows. - Comes Wi..
Cedar Wren House
North States Cedar Wren House: Constructed of solid cedar. Removable base for cleaning. Screw eyes..
Cottontail Nest Building Material
Offer nesting materials to your birds! Birds will extract bits of 100% cotton and yarn pieces to wea..
Double Bungalow Purple Martin House 2 Family
The Double Bungalow is one of S&K Manufacturing, Inc. 's most beloved Martin Gourds. The Double ..
Hanging Gourd Bracket
Hanging Gourd Bracket Holds 6 gourds of your choice, includes 3 Tubes, Use with 1.25 inch O.D. Roun..
Ladybug Lodge
Designed to provide a safe habitat for ladybugs / ladybirds. Sturdy pine construction with painted r..
Purple Martin Barn - 16 Family
Martins feast on flying insects helping to make a pest-free backyard, welcome them with the 16 Famil..
Purple Martin Decoy
Used to attract Purple Martin birds. ..
Purple Martin House - 12 Family
The 12-Family Martin House is sure to attract insect eating Purple Martins to your yard. The house ..
Purple Martin House - American Barn
Welcome families of insect eating, purple martins to your yard with the American Barn Purple Martin ..
Purple Martin House Pole 12'
12' High with pulley system.  The EXRP19 is a 12 foot 1.9 inch O.D. 16 ga. galvanized steel po..
Round Pol Adaptor
If you are not using the Quad-Tel or the Tri-Tel Pole and already have a 1.25 inch outer diameter ro..
Tri-Tel Pole 15'
Made specifically for S&K Purple Martin Houses, 15ft Tri-Tel Pole (TTP) is exactly what you need..
Triangular Bee Hut
Designed to provide a safe habitat for bees, ladybugs/ladybirds and other garden insects. Sturdy pin..
Wooden Pole Adaptor
If you are not using the Quad-Tel or the Tri-Tel pole and already have a wood pole, use this adapter..