Bird Control

Bird Control
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Balcony Gard Electronic Bird Chaser
Bird Control Made Easy. This low-profile electronic bird control device uses silent-to-humans, ultra..
Bird-X Plastic Bird Spikes
This Bird-X Plastic Bird Spikes Kit with Glue is designed to be an efficient deterrent to birds that..
Doktor Doom No Bite Tree & Plant Protector
This product can be used to control damage caused by dogs, cats, rabbits, raccoons, beavers, mice, r..
Garden/Bird Protective Netting
Black Poly 0.75 inch X 0.63 inch mesh. Use for strawberry covers, protection against birds and smal..
Starting at $10.99
Guard'N Eyes Balloon
Scare birds away by hanging balloon in area where birds are a nuisance.  Reflective eye and tai..
Holographic Scare Tape
Reflective scarecrow ribbon. Protect gardens from thieving birds. Safe & humane. Holographic ima..
Owl Scarecrow
GREAT HORNED OWL: Life-like. Natural Enemy. Scarecrow® helps repel birds and pests while adding ..
Starting at $23.99