Bird Accessories

Bird Accessories
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Bird Bath 24"
Plastic. Available in Peppercorn & White...
Bird Bath De-Icer
Birds need water just as much as food. De-ice your bird bath this winter with the unique submersible..
Bird Saver Removable Decals
A cling vinyl decal that can be used over and over. The black silhouette of a diving hawk simulates ..
Grecian Bird Bath 19" Deep
The Grecian Bird Bath has two piece construction with base included. Large top. The perfect companio..
Pail and Bird Bath De-Icer
This submersible de-icer is perfect for buckets, pails, pans, or birdbaths Comes with a stainless..
Quick Fill Seed Scoop
The Perky-Pet® Quick Fill Seed Scoop has features that make filling all of your bird seed feeders a ..
Water Wiggler - Battery Powered
Moving water attracts birds and prevents mosquitos that may carry West Nile Virus from laying eggs i..
Starting at $34.99
Water Wiggler - Solar Powered
Moving Water Attracts Birds! Birds are attracted to moving water and that's just what the Water Wig..